Cass County Amateur Radio Club
Operating the W9VMW Repeaters - Logansport, Indiana

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Repeater Status:
147.180MHz OK
Link Receiver OK
WX Alert System OK
145.230 OK
145.350 OFF
443.650 OK

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Cass County Amateur Radio Club Repeaters

The 147.180Mhz Repeater at the Chase Water Tower

The CCARC operates three repeaters We have two 2m repeaters and one 70cm repeater located in Logansport Indiana. Our primary repeater is the 147.18MHz.The main receiver for this machine is an open receiver. There is one remote receiver that requires 77Hz PL tone for access. It  is located at the Cass Country Emergency Management Agency 2 miles north of Logansport. Our secondary repeater is on 145.23 and is located at the Cass County Emergency Management Agency. We also have a 70cm repeater on 443.65 and is also located at the Cass County Emergency Management Agency. All of the repeaters are open to all to use.

Repeater Pictures
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147.180 - Repeater Coverage Map
Site - Chase Water Tower
Transmitter - Input Frequency 147.780
Max Output - 90 Watts
Receiver at EMA Building (77Hz PL Tone) ON
Weather Alert System ON
Welcome Message - Welcome1.wav ON

145.230 - Repeater Coverage Map
Site - EMA Building
Transmitter - Input Frequency 144.630
Max Output - 75 Watts


77Hz PL Tone


Transmitter - Input Frequency 144.750
Max Output -


Transmitter - Input Frequency 448.625
Max Output - 250 Watts


131.8Hz PL Tone encode and carrier receive


Repeater Work

January 12, 2008 - Installed new inverted V antenna at the Emergency Management Agency building for the upcoming RACES Communications test.

October 13, 2007 - Repaired antenna at the Chase water tower.

September 29, 2007 - Raised the link antenna, moved repeater, replaced the antenna feedline at the Emergency Management Agency building.

2007 Cass County Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 1092 Logansport, Indiana 46947
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