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May 28, 2007 - The repeater antenna appeared from the ground to be broken off at the flange due to the wind. Chuck N9PMW went up the tower approximately 8:00 am. Finding the antenna and mount broken at the flange he removed the old antenna to put up a temporary one. Chuck put up a magnet mount mobile Hustler collinear antenna, donated for temporary use by Dave K9DVL and connected it to the hardline, waterproofing all the connections and taking pictures so a suitable permanent solution could be made. Chuck also lowered the old antenna to the ground. Chuck was back down around 10:30 am.

October 13, 2007 - After a cool, no a cold start to the morning Chuck started up the tower at 10:40 am. Tools were sent up to remove the old pipe from the flange as well as prepare for the new mount built by Dave K9DVL to be sent up and mounted with a new antenna donated by Robert K9AWH. The ground crew cleaned up the mouse and rodent nests in the repeater cabinet and prepared for bulkhead connectors to be mounted in the cabinet so it could be sealed up and prevent this from happening again while the work ensued on top. The old thread came out much easier than anticipated shortening the total time on the tower. The mount went into the flange easily and was secured properly with a minimum of effort. The antenna mounted on the new pipe and is over the vent as to prevent signal shadowing. The hook or shepherds crook from the old mount was reused as it was noted on the May climb how well it worked over the previous couple of years. Everything secured well and connected with proper water proofing Chuck was down approximately 2:20pm. The tone squelch signal on the repeater was found not to go all the way through. This proved to be the only casualty of the project but it was quickly fixed the next morning by Phil W9LVY.


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