Cass County Amateur Radio Club
Operating the W9VMW Repeaters - Logansport, Indiana

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Repeater Status:
147.180MHz OK
Link Receiver OK
WX Alert System OK
145.230 OK
145.350 OFF
443.650 OK

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On September 29, 2007 we moved the link antenna to a higher location and feed this new antenna with hardline. We started up the tower at approximately 9:15am and surveyed the proper spot for the antenna while the ground crew made preparations to the hardline and fed it through the building. The antenna was mounted and the feed line fed up the tower and secured to the tower. We secured from the tower at approximately 11:30 am. We finished connecting the hardline to the link transmitter and did some testing finding the link signal is working much better now. The crew also helped bring the 145.230 repeater from upstairs to under the stairs extending the feed line and connecting it to the antenna. More work here will be needed to extend the feed line for the 145.230 repeater with hardline.


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